Salone Del Mobile – Furniture and Design Fair 2017


Salone Del Mobile is held annually in Milan. It is the largest trade fair of its kind in the world. Showcasing the latest in furniture and design from leading designers and manufacturers worldwide. With over 370,000 visitors from all over the world, it is prime real estate for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and gage … Continue reading “Salone Del Mobile – Furniture and Design Fair 2017”

Get Some Green In Your Serene With Furniture & Accessories


What drives your design decision? Pantone announced the 2017 Colour of the year to be greenery. This colour brings to mind the sense of nature and calmness. You can easily incorporate this colour into your space with out just the use of plants and art or accessories. There are many furnishings that you could use … Continue reading “Get Some Green In Your Serene With Furniture & Accessories”

Outdoor Furniture Styling


Summer is well and truly here and it’s that time of year we spend more time outdoors enjoying those long balmy summer nights. HG’s range of stylish, comfortable and practical outdoor furniture will help you set up your exterior space so that it’s perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors. Pool side If you … Continue reading “Outdoor Furniture Styling”

Normann Copenhagens Showroom Grand Opening


Bold, artistic, colourful, and highly creative, the new Normann Copenhagen flagship store in Denmark’s capital pushes all the boundaries of a typical showroom space.   Designer Hans Hornemann and Normann Copenhagen’s Brand manager Britt Bonnessen together have created a distinctly clever showroom or as some describe, an art gallery. With brushed steel walls, acrylic pedestals … Continue reading “Normann Copenhagens Showroom Grand Opening”

Pots and Planters


Plants and pots are a beautiful way to decorate your home. Plants create a feeling of tranquility and can truly transform your space. Choosing the right pot to suit other furniture and the elements can be the challenge. Different shapes from the same range can help create a nice contrast such as the Halful vase … Continue reading “Pots and Planters”

Pendant lighting


Pendant lighting is a great way to add style to any room. They are a practical lighting solution that can make a statement to your living space and create a serious wow factor in style. There are many options to the look and feel of pendant lights. From the industrial look, to Scandinavian style the … Continue reading “Pendant lighting”

Furniture and design styling

Phil Sid board by Studio Pip

Colour, texture, light, space. If you are looking at remodeling your home, you need to find a balance that will positively impact your home and suit your lifestyle. A home that is well decorated will help you enjoy, relax and live happily in your home. Blending colour, textures and lighting can be a great way … Continue reading “Furniture and design styling”

Lighting solutions


There are many benefits to LED – (Light Emitting Diodes) as opposed to traditional lighting. Besides the fact that they are energy efficient, with 95% of the energy being LED converting to light, only 5% is wasted on heat. They are up to 80% more efficient than halogen or incandescent options and are also environmentally friendly. … Continue reading “Lighting solutions”

Mirror, Mirror

Sail Mirror

Reflecting on what we can see. Most of us use a mirror every day without actually considering how a mirror is made. We also assume that what we see if a true reflection of ourselves and what others might see. As you gaze upon your reflection, have you considered how it works or if what … Continue reading “Mirror, Mirror”

Choosing your outdoor furniture.


As winter comes to a close, preparing your outdoor space for longer days basking in the sunshine may start to enter one’s mind. Whether it be relaxing in your own outdoor oasis or entertaining, choosing your outdoor furniture can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right furniture for your space. Your … Continue reading “Choosing your outdoor furniture.”