The DeCastelli collection is a true representation of the fusion between artisanship and innovation.  Founded by Albino Celato in 2003 in Italy, combines design tradition with modern technology, creating products that enhance both your indoor and outdoor experience with their extensive range of products including pots, planters and accessories:

Airon - DeCastelli Planter Pot Behbin Pot - DeCastelli Planters Codigo Cohiba Pot - DeCastelli Planters Conique - DeCastelli Planter Pots Cube Dafne Screen - DeCastelli Planters Damasco - DeCastelli Planter Pot Dandy Lux Screen - DeCastelli Sculptures Delta Leds  - DeCastelli Planters Delta Omega Pots - DeCastelli Planters Demetra - DeCastelli Planter Partition Demetra Planter - DeCastelli Dog E - DeCastelli Planters Easy Planter - DeCastelli Planters Eklisse Vase - DeCastelli Pots