Aikana Low Coffee Table - Fast Outdoor Tables

Inspired by the atmosphere of the 1950's, the Aikana series was created and conceived for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Aikana Low Table by Fast is made in Italy to complement the Aikana lounge and chair range.   

There are 2 heights and shapes for the table and include inclusions for additional side tables.

Suitable for outdoors and available in a variety of colours.

The range also includes side tables, accessories and cushion fabrics. 

Extruded die-cast painted aluminium. 216 - cm 112 x 63 x h 22 218 - cm 150 x 85 x h 22 270 (Square) cm 76 x 76 x h 25
4 colours (see image): White, Metallic Grey, Pearly Gold, Powder Grey. Suitable for outdoors.
Product Origin
Emmanuel Gallina

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