Bartolomeo Display with Light - Plust Outdoor Furniture and Storage

The Bartolomeo Light Display is a freestanding storage facility, ideal for storing bottles and catering utensils. Used alone it can be also used as a bookcase and/or container.

Thanks to the internal lighting system, every object is crossed by the light, thereby creating elegant colour and transparency effects.  Matched with the Bartolomeo Light bar counter.

Also available with 4 aluminium legs to fasten to the structure to position the shelves higher. 

Other products in the range:  Bartolomeo Display (non-luminous); Bartolomeo (counter); Bartolomeo Corner. 

Different light kits for indoor or outdoor use. Art. A4485 4 legs kit with adjustable feet
Colour: Neutral. Polycarbonate shell
Product Origin
Joe Velluto (JVLT)

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