SALE Outdoor - Breeze Highback Chair + Footstool + Cushion Set - Caneline

Was: $2,435.00
Now: $1,700.00

Available as part of our floorstock sale in White Grey with the matching footstool, the Breeze Highback Chair is one of our most popular outdoor items.

Sale package includes:

Breeze highback chair.

Breeze Footstool.

Breeze Grey Cushion Set.

Breeze highback chair only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. · Modern and timeless design · The furniture can be outside all year · Recyclable materials · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning.

The Breeze highback chair is an extremely comfortable armchair that invites you to relax on the terrace or in the garden. The highback chair is designed in a modern and timeless design with multiple usability. The chair is made of Cane-line Weave®, a fibre that does not fade in colour. The cushion for the Breeze highback chair is made from the ultra-soft and comfortable Cane-line Natté fabric. 

Breeze highback chair (5469). Breeze Footstool. Breeze Grey Cushion Set.
Colour: White Grey. Cushion Set included (grey)
Materials used in the production of furniture by Cane-line are environment-friendly, as they are toxin-free and recyclable. Cane-line is also certified to the ISO 14001, the international environmental standard, and the SA8000 standard for social accountability.

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