Epping Residence

Spanning over 3 levels, this impressive home was an exercise in working to scale.

Iconic, timeless and beautifully appointed, the soft grey of the concrete floors welcomed the warmth of fully upholstered furniture, the warmer tones of timber and the characteristics of marble.

Rather than dominate, the strong architectural shape of the home has been decorated with luxurious finishes, that explore the beauty of surface and texture.   The soft furnishings add textural luxury with smooth leathers and woven wool fabrics on made-to-order pieces by Studio Pip and Sancal.  Reflective glass and painted steel against the natural patterns of marble were brought together with items by Sovet Italia, Studio Pip and Mass Productions.  Outdoor furnitures were from a variety of suppliers, including Italy's Fast.

The contrast of the landscape set against the inviting colours of the family pool, provide a resort like atmosphere for the home.

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