Circus Pendant - Resident Lighting

Circus is a remarkable system of interconnected rings which can be arranged in sequence to create striking vertical decoration.

Each brass ring projects an elegantly diffused warm LED light source outwards around a 360 degree plane.

The revolutionary plug and play system allows for power sharing between rings.

A range of variations from 2 to 6 rings may be created to suit both commercial and residential environments.

Circus is a theatreatrical and truly flexible system.

Brass Pendant Light; Cable colour- Black; Canopy colour- Black; LED light source
Dimensions: CIR022BR- Circus 500 Two L1000mm x W500mm x H20mm/ L39”x W19.6” x H0.8” CIR023BR- Circus 500 Three L2000mm x W500mm x HH20mm/ L59” x W19.6” x H0.8” CIR024BR- Circus 500 Four L2000mm x W500mm x HH20mm/ L78” x W19.6” x H0.8” CIR025BR- Circus 500 Five L2500mm x W500mm x H20mm/ L98”x W19.6” x H0.8” CIR026BR- Circus 500 Six L3000mm x W500mm x H20mm/ L117”x W19.6” x H0.8” CIR032BR- Circus 750 Two L1500mm x W750mm x H20mm/ L58” x W29” x H0.8” CIR023BR- Circus 750 Three L2250mm x W750mm x H20mm / L87” x W29” x 0.8” CIR024BR- Circus 750 Four L3000mm x W750mm x H20mm/ L117” x W29” x H0.8”
Product Origin
New Zealand
Resident Studio

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