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Impressive in size, the Colossus Table measures 1.8 meters in diameter and accommodates 12 people around the table.

With a base of solid concrete, the Colossus can support massive table tops.

Available with concealed power strips at the centre of the table, with cables leading to the electrical outlets hidden in the concrete legs of the table.


Colossus is ideal for larger homes as well as offices and restaurants.

Awarded Swedish RUM Design 2020 for Furniture of the Year


“I wanted to create a product that is the exact opposite to all the feelings of discontent in the world. I came up with the idea for a massive, solid round table as the world seems especially chaotic right now and that many people are disgruntled.  The world needs big tables that bring lots of people together,” Chris Martin (Co-founder and head designer, Massproductions).

Conference table with Concrete base and round laminate top. DIMENSIONS: W 2000mm, D 2000mm H 730mm Weight 265kg
Finish: Formica Laminate White Colour: Concrete
Chris Martin. Awarded Swedish RUM Design 2020 for Furniture of the Year
 Colossus Table Production Specifications

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