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Smyth’s sophisticated piping highlights its distinctive style, cleverly merging formal with casual elegance.

The Smyth is made to order fully upholstered in fabric or leather.  Style the Smyth with either matching or contrasting piping to show off the ‘rollover’ cushion detail.  The range includes sofas, armchairs and ottomans.

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Xavier Lust has a flair for shaping metal into design masterpieces, while Pianca’s bent is for working wood: these two areas of expertise have come together in Confluence, a table with the dynamic elegance of geometry in motion.

The twisting metal profiles have an original three-dimensional quality to them while the strength of the material conveys a sinuous lightness, transitioning smoothly from the horizontal to the vertical. The top adds the finishing touch to a harmonious design.

In a choice of 4 geometric shapes and an array of finishes, this table makes a strong statement in rooms with different styles of décor.

Piano, EN Top Fenix®: Bianco*, Nero Essenza, EN Wood: Borgogna, Rovere Grigio Basamento, EN Base Laccato Lucido, EN Glossy Lacquered: Bianco*, Nero Finitura Metallo Lucido, EN Glossy Metal Finish: Titanio (Bianco top available only in combination with Bianco base)
Refer to Product Specifications for details of the four sizes.
Product Origin
Xavier Lust
 Confluence Product Specs

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