Double-Halo House - Studio Snell

HG Furniture was proud to provide a selection of loose furniture items for the styling of the Double-Halo House in Earlwood, Sydney.

Romann Marble Coffee Table by Studio Pip (photo #2)

Harper Lounge by Studio Pip (photo #3)

Dandy Sofa by Massproductions (photo #4)

Offset Stool/Side Table by Resident (photo #4)

Solo MC5 Stool by Mattiazzi (photo #5)

Kashmir Armchair by Resident (photo #6)

Jaxon Side Table by Studio Pip (photo #7)

Cugino MC20 Stool by Mattiazzi (photo #8)


Architect:  Joe Snell

Builder: One-Up Building

Photography: Dave Wheeler 

Source: Studio Snell

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