Drago and Draghetto - Plust Outdoor Lights and Accessories

Inspired by one of the most iconic and fascinating fictional characters “Drago” and “Draghetto” are fun accessories suitable for any age.

Available in various colours as well as a luminous version to light up and add a touch of fun to any room.

Material: Polyethylene Gross Weight: Kg 3,5 Use: INDOOR / OUTDOOR
BASIC COLOURS: Green A2; Red A9; Sky blue B1; Orange C1; White C2; Orange Q4; 08 Grey anthracite; 11 Blue; 16 Night blue; 34 Sage green; 43 Emerald green; 74 Fuchsia; 86 Acid green; 88 Violet LACQUERED 03 White; 86 Acid green
Product Origin
Alberto Ghirardello.

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