Drifted Stool - Hem Seating

Norwegian Lars Beller Fjetland's designs marry Scandinavian tradition with elements inspired by his natural surroundings. His Drifted series is no exception: walking along the beach in the Norwegian town of Ƙygarden, he found washed ashore pieces of old cork that had been smoothed and misshapen by the power of the sea. The form and texture of these pieces provided the basis for the Drifted stool. Aside from being naturally water resistant, the cork seat gives a feeling of warmth and flexibility, while the oak frame conveys strength, sturdiness and Nordic classicism.

Oak Legs with Cork Seat Small Stool: Width (feet) 35 cm, width (seat) 33 cm, height 45 cm Bar Stool: Width (feet) 37 cm, width (seat) 33 cm, height 75 cm
Oak Legs: Natural, Red, Black Cork: Light Cork, Dark Cork.
Product Origin
Lars Beller Fjetland

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