Funda Stool - Viccarbe Seating

Designed by Stefan Diez, the Funda stool is light and versatile.

Funda is created following an innovative process, which minimizes environmental impact.

The stool is made of 2 pieces, which can be recycled independently, extending its lifecycle and fostering circular economy.

Funda has been designed to optimise resources, without compromising on comfort or resistance.

The furniture collection includes an armchair and a chair, in both bar and counter height. 

Available as a Fixed Bar Stool or a Fixed Counter Stool
Available in leather or in different upholstery finishes. Please call our showroom for details.
Product Origin
Valencia, Spain.
Stefan Diez. Diez works intensively with materials, technology and is passionate in his quest to fathom out their limitations. Together with his office they develop products that are precise, yet simple and above all are meant to meet human needs. Stefan Diez belongs to the first generation of designers who were trained in a craft and, during their studies, also started to experiment with digital tools and are therefore at home in both worlds. His work results from an approach that uses both analogue and digital methods an accumulates experiences that are applied in development and production processes.
 Funda Range

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