Godot Illuminated Clothes Stand / Coat Rack - Plust Lighting

Made in Italy, the Godot Clothes Stand or Coat Rack is a quirky solution that even provides a spot for the contents of your pockets! 

Available awith a remote control, the illuminated Godot is a clothes stand that makes clear reference to a natural and fantastic world.

Equipped with a central pocket emptier and coloured, interchangeable hangars of different colours, it can be adapted very well to a private area or to a public context alike, such as a waiting room or hotel foyer.

Material: Polyethylene Gross Weight: Kg 13.1 Accessories: Light kit. Remote control optional depending on light selection.
Base Colours: Refer to product specification sheet. Lights available in 5 colours.
Product Origin
Alberto Brogliato
 Godot Product Specifications

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