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Modern and timeless design.  Stackable.  The furniture can be outside all year.  Recyclable materials.  High lightfastness. Long lifespan. Minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Designed and developed by design duo Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik for Cane-line, the Less chair has solid cast aluminium seat and back sections. 

The Less chair has a very simple and minimalistic frame construction that is cast in aluminium. The seat and back are made with Cane-line French Weave.

The Less chair is stackable, and therefore suited both as part of a dining group, a meeting room environment or as an extra stylish chair that can be fetched in for any purpose - especially when space is an issue.

The less chair is durable as well as stable and strong, and optimal for both outdoor and indoor use due to the chair having been coated with a special powder treatment that is even suitable under most weather conditions.

Stackable outdoor armchair. Width: 57 cm | 22.5 inches * Depth: 55 cm | 21.7 inches * Height: 78 cm | 30.8 inches * Seat height: 48 cm | 18.9 inches * Seat depth: 45 cm | 17.8 inches * Armrest height: 65 cm | 25.6 inches * Weight: 5.22 kg | 11.51 lbs * * Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
Frame: Cane-line Weave®, Aluminium Variations: Aluminium/French Weave, Natural OR Aluminium/French Weave, Light grey
Recyclable materials.
The Less chair is designed and developed by design duo Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik.
 Less Technical Specifications

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