HG Furniture's collection of lighting includes wall lights, ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, indoor lights, outdoor lights, sculptural lights, decorative portable lights - even pots and planters that illuminate!

Lighting creates and changes the ambiance of an area, subconsciously affecting our mood.  It can be used to highlight an area or draw attention to a space without us realising.

The outdoors is often forgotten as an area to illuminate, but with the wide range of lights styled as portable lights, pots, planters and sculptures by Plust and Khilia, there is plenty to choose from if you'd like to decorate your pool, patio or garden area.  DeCastelli has also fashioned metal pots that light up, as well as screens that double as planters and lights - great for an entertainment area or commercial space.

The New Zealand brand Resident, continues with its award winning styles, adding an impressive 1500 diameter 'Midnight' chandelier!  French company Forestier focuses on natural materials, and Normann Copenhagen offers simple and contemporary designs that can all be seen in our showroom in Alexandria, Sydney.