Nido - Sancal Armchairs

Nido, Spanish for nest, means home to a number of species and inspired Rafa García to create this small armchair.

The seat or “nest” is supported by a hand-crafted ash wood frame. The upper part provides “branches” into which a comfortable seat is fixed.

The back and sides of the upholstered area are tailored to show off the chair’s lines whereas the seating area is soft and cosy.  Available as a loose or fixed cover,


The colour of the feet must be specified in the order. As the chair has a zip or piping to separate the seat from the back and sides, it is possible to choose two different fabrics.
The upholstery is available in two versions: a soft, loose version with a zip that makes it easy to remove the fabric on the seating area, or a tight, fixed version.
Product Origin
Rafa García, 2013

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