Sat Chair and Desk - Plust

Thanks to the wooden swivel support, the Sat stool is ideal for short stops in public areas with a lot of traffic, such as bars, rest areas, areas for commercial use such as offices, studio waiting rooms and meeting areas.

Designer, Marco Zito, states   "Sat is a small 'satellite' chair for contemporary transition spaces. Time to search and connect to a network, take a seat, rest a little, and get back on the go. Its simple and intuitive shape makes it ideal to be used as a mini workstation. You can choose your favourite position, astride, formal, on the side; you can turn the support surface inwards or outwards, as you wish”.

Manufactured in Italy using Polyethylene and Wood. Table measures 39x27. Weight 11kgs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
Available in White C2, Grey C7 and Tortora G9
Product Origin
Marco Zito
Second Height
 Sat Product Dimensions

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