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Siesta is a modern, rigorous and streamlined sunbed. Designed by the Cane-line design team, the sun bed is made of highly hard-wearing and durable materials, and therefore usable in the private garden or for guests at hotels and resorts.

Siesta is made of durable powder-coated aluminium coated with Cane-line Tex, which can withstand daily wear and both UV rays and rain, and can therefore be used worldwide in any climate.

Siesta is easily stacked and therefore takes up less space when the need for storage occur. The cushion for Siesta is a purchase to enhance comfort, and is made of the extremely durable and resistant Cane-line Virtue fabric.

 Modern design · High lightfastness · Resistant material with a long lifespan · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning

Width: 205 cm | 80.8 inches * Depth: 60 cm | 23.7 inches * Height: 88 cm | 34.7 inches * Seat height: 34 cm | 13.4 inches * Weight: 20.31 kg | 44.8 lbs * * Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
Frame: Cane-line Tex. Grey or Light Grey. Cushion: Cane-line Virtue Grey or Light Grey.
Materials used in the production of furniture by Cane-line are environment-friendly, as they are toxin-free and recyclable. Cane-line is also certified to the ISO 14001, the international environmental standard, and the SA8000 standard for social accountability.
Cane-line Design Team

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